Achieve exceptional performance by introducing your brand in the most relevant moments.

By working with Propel Media, you will have access to technology that gives you the ability to present your brand, content or message when a user is most receptive and open to your brand’s influence. By capturing a user’s attention in the most impactful moments, our technology will help you to achieve your online marketing goals, such as expanding your brand’s reach or increasing your return on ad spend.

Advertiser benefits

Intent-based Technology

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Experience unprecedented technology that understands users’ online engagement and the sentiment of content on a page. Designed to help advertisers bridge the gap from branding to performance, the Propel Media Platform is able to pinpoint the most relevant moments during a user’s online journey to introduce your brand or offer. Our industry-leading technology delivers exceptional traffic quality and return on ad spend through a winning combination of high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing, sophisticated algorithms, and an engaged audience.

Trusted Partner

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With a successful 12+ year track record under our belt, we’ve figured out how to differentiate ourselves and deliver consistent results while gaining the trust and respect of a growing portfolio of clients.

As a public company, we are fully transparent about our business model and practices. Our clients can be confident that we operate to the highest possible standards of integrity and are committed to serving their best interests.


Unique Audiences

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At Propel Media, we believe audience quality directly impacts performance.

Instead of tapping into the same, over used supply of traditional inventory, we created our own unique supply of ad inventory that can only be accessed through our platform.

Recognized as best-in-class, our exclusive audience boasts some of the highest engagement and performance metrics in the industry.

Seamless Integration

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Connect to our platform through Deal ID’s and Open RTB utilizing the following platforms:

DeepIntent, a programmatic platform that uses AI to discover high value audiences in real-time based on
user behavior
• Google
• ONE Video and Display
• LKQD Ad Servers



Find the Right Moment to Engage with your Brand’s Audience

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  • Custom developed creative incorporating your brand messaging and call to action
  • Unique capability to implement forms (host and post as well as search), video players (yours, ours or YouTube) and animations
  • Precision targeting supported by proprietary technology that understands user behavior


Drive Qualified Traffic from Relevant Content

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  • Delivered from highlighted words and phrases within the text of web content
  • Reach your target audience at the perfect time with technology that understands the content and sentiment of a page
  • Ads are activated if an audience member chooses to move their mouse over a relevant word or phrase

Traditional Pre-Roll Video

Access Exceptionally High Buying Metrics with Propel Media’s Pre-Roll Inventory

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  • Owned and operated inventory
  • Publisher Direct Inventory
  • Ads.txt Compliant

Connected TV

Partnerships with Over the Top (OTT) Devices

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  • Includes mainstream devices including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TVs, gaming consoles and more
  • Direct Publisher and Channel Partnerships
    are available

Traditional Display

Send your Brand’s Message using State-of-the-Art Targeting Capabilities

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  • Standard IAB Sizes
  • US and International reach
  • Powered by DeepIntent


Extend your Reach by Utilizing Our Premium Video Inventory

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  • Standard IAB Sizes
  • US and International reach
  • Powered by DeepIntent


Integrate your Ad within the Styling of Premium Publisher Websites

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  • Standard IAB Sizes
  • US and International reach
  • Powered by DeepIntent


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Propel Media subsidiary, DeepIntent, developed artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology that has provided the ability to understand the relationships between over 300 million products, places, people, things and events. Combining DeepIntent with Propel Media’s exclusive audience and intent-based technology creates an opportunity for brands to reach the right audience at the right time.

Learn more at deepintent.com

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